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What Janine’s clients say…. (testimonials)


 “Ethereal fantasy! I can lose myself in your photographs and forget about the world. I enjoyed our conversation yesterday and forgot to add the words “other-worldly” and “evoking a sense of wonderment”. Like seeing the world as you thought it might have been when you were a child. The poppy photos were taken at a very interesting angle which really appeals to me. I find wonderment in looking at things from this undergrowth angle, as though looking at things from a mouse’s point of view.

When I go raspberry picking I spend a lot of time looking up through the foliage and find it quite magical. When I want to be transported to other places while I'm having a cup of tea I put Henry Mancini's Lujon on youtube and always wish that life could be like this song. It’s a similar thing to your photos for me.”


Wendy T, BCTF (British Craft Trade Fair)


“You are the inspiration of the show. I felt jaded, everything blending into a sameness until I saw your work”


Karen L, at Patchings Festival, Nottingham, 




Beginner Photography. “Fun and relaxed atmosphere” “ I have learnt so much thank you”


Improver Photography.  “ A big thank you for a great day last Thursday.  I learned so much and am, and will, continue to put your recommendations into practice”


iPad Photography. “ Wonderful thank you for all your patience I have learnt so much”


Beginner Elements. “Just wanted to thank you so much for such an informative day today.  I learned a lot of interesting things that I have been wanting to ask for ages, so thank you”


Hand Painting Photograph. “A wonderful day filled with information and plenty of opportunities to practice my painting”




Aerial Videography Denman WI College


“We’ve always wanted to see Denman from above and now with the beautiful footage from Janine, we can enjoy the beautiful 17 acres from a new perspective. From the moment we chatted, to receiving the film, it’s been a super easy process and a quick one too! We’re so thrilled!”


Thank youuuuu!

Aerial Agricultural and Crop Surveying


We have asked Janine Kilroe of Image in Flight to do various jobs for me over the last twelve months.

I confirm that she has always responded quickly and fulfilled the requirements of the task, in accordance with my detailed specification.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who has a need for professional photographs presented in a professional manner.

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