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Drone shot Nerja Southern Spain sunrise
Mavic Air First Impressions

Who I’m I?

Janine Kilroe has created images for the last 30 years, initially as an Editorial Advertising Photographer commissioned by many international blue chip companies and for the past 9 years she has focused on creating a truly unique one off style of hand painted fine art photography. Janine’s craft conveys a captured unique moment in time. Her work is available in galleries throughout the UK.

Exhibiting at the Royal West Academy 2017 with her aerial video ’West Pier Brighton’

Exhibited ‘Carousel Brighton’ at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and The Saatchi Gallery, London.

“Photography and videography enables me to express my life experiences, feelings and thoughts when words are simply not enough. My aim and prayer is that others will feel and see what I see and that this will bring great pleasure and blessings to others. “

Janine is inspired by what makes Britain. Its nature, its landscapes and coastal environments all of which she loves to explore. Janine’s view of the world, that’s hidden from our eyes, an unseen layer peeled back.

My signature artwork is to print black and white fine art photographs onto Watercolour paper and then selectively reintroduce colour back into the image by hand painting using Watercolour Pencils, Washes and Acrylic inks.

Hand painting her photographs, using a variety of mediums; pastels, Watercolour pencils, washes and acrylic inks. All printed on British archival Watercolour papers enabling her to subtlety select her interpretation of the original scene.

The feeling of movement and ethereal atmosphere is often achieved, using and hand developing experimental black and white films. Janine’s images are intentionally timeless, therefore enabling a possible memory trigger for the viewer.

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Photography & Video Website:

Why does a professional PFCO photographer videographer buy a Mavic Air?

I do a far bit of travelling abroad (all images shot with the Mavic Air in Southern Spain) and taking my Phantom 4 Pro isn’t easy, its bulky and also heavy with the 5 batteries. I have not had any problems flying with it as carry on but each time I have been through security on the return leg home I have either been asked questions and had bag swabbed on one occasion. I have been waiting for a drone that was small enough but had a decent quality to its images and video. Hence my Mavic Air Combo purchase.

Drone shot
Drone shot of Sunrise Nerja


It’s so compact and light. The ease and speed of setting up to getting in the air. The ability to take other equipment as it takes up nowhere near as much space as the P4Pro carry on bag. Good quality 4 K images and video perfect for Vloging, Blogs and commercial jobs where the image does not have to be massively enlarged. Video Storage Bitrate 100mbps. The 3-axis gimbal is better protected tucked within its body rather than the Mavic Pro. I know I will be much more likely to take and use my Mavic Air with me tucked into a small rucksack for travel and those difficult to get to locations that needs a long walk in rather than the P4Pro.


Noisier than I expected but I’m sure DJI are on the case re quieter props.

No side sensors that nearly got me into trouble only because I’m used to having them on the P4Pro and had momentarily forgotten the Mavic Air doesn’t!

Having flown in cold weather 0 c with a wind of 15 mph I discovered flying into the wind the battery was short of power. When temperature rose the battery had plenty of power to fight the wind so be warned if trying to fly into the wind in cold temps. To be fair DJI do warn you about this but I was surprised at the actual effect it gave.

Regarding the shaking people were reporting at take off in cold conditions I personally didn’t experience this. It seems that DJI took this customer feedback on board and to my knowledge have sorted it out with the last Firmware update. So no longer a negative.

Shorter Battery life 20 mins not a deal breaker just makes you even more aware of planning your shot before take off to max the time available. I changed my default low battery warning from 20% to 30% (giving me 15 mins flight time) as the default at 20% just left 3 mins to return which in my book is simply not enough safety margin to allow for the unexpected etc.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants a well made small light compact drone that produces a good quality image and video. Like anything the more experience you have with correct camera, video settings plus post processing the better your final images and video will be. This comes with practice and then more practice…….

My personal conclusions

As in life we cannot have everything and no the Mavic Air is not of course as good as my P4Pro I never expected it to be. The Mavic Pro has a bigger sensor but has the exposed gimbal and doesn’t have a Video Storage Bitrate of 100mbps. Plus is bigger. What I would like to see is a side-by-side comparison of the Mavic Pro and Mavic Air RAW images. Maybe a project for me to do?

So I’m I happy with the Mavic Air?

Yes very happy actually it literally “fits” the bill. Its small compact and fits into any bag. Interestingly when going through security at the airports as hand luggage no one was interested. It does the job with providing you don’t want to be producing massive images and you know what you are doing re cam

era video settings and how to get the best out of your images in Post Processing stage. It’s very quick and easy to assemble and get up in the air. I have used it with my iPhone which is fine but my tip would be to always turn your phone onto Airplane mode to

stop distracting phone calls, notices etc. I however want to see as much as I can so have bought a mini iPad adapter holder to use. Yes it makes it a bit heavier but the good thing is there is flexibility to which viewing metho

d you want to use. The other Tip is get yourself a decent set of Neutral Density filters they are essential I have Polar Pro ND filters for all my drones and Osmo Pro etc. You must be able to control your shutter speed and with the fixed aperture it’s even more essential.

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